Sorry for the time out

So, I would like to apology to the ghosts and spirits that visit this blog for the time I was absent. I was doing lot of different things, specially sorting my life out. I am really doing progress with my shrink and I am felling a lot happier lately.

I plan on get back to writting soon as I have some free-time. I intend to continue the
“What I learned from the CFO” and make a Season 2.

That’s all, folks!


What I learned from the CFO #7: Wine

“Hey, Next time we and Vince go out to eat, I’m gonna buy us a really nice bottle of Wine to celebrate my latest promotion in the office. You know I am crazy about French wine, I love beaujolais and I only drink beaujolais when I am at home. The price is really fair considering the quality you get. When I was at my sister’s apartament in Paris it was all drank the whole weekend”
He probably just drank it once when he was in France and his sister bought it. Anyways, when we were in this fancy restaurant Vince was paying for us because he really did get a nice promotion.

At the restaurant, the CFO  was chosing the “really nice bottle” of wine he was gonna buy us…

CFO: I don’t really know what to chose, so many nice options….
Sommelier: We have a fine selection of French wine, sir, I personally recommend our Beaujolais 1992, really nice year.CFO: I dunno, I really prefer carmenère actually and I saw that you have this Concha y Toro 2009…
Vince: Hey, Why don’t you order at least a Spanish one?
Sommelier: We have a wonderful La Rioja Merlot 2001…
CFO: Actually, I was really in a more “beer” mood actually…
Me: Waiter, bring us the Concha y Toro, please, before we end  up drinking some cheap-ass vodka.

Beaujolais 1992: RS$500,00
La Rioja Merlot 2001: RS$200,00
Concha y Toro 2009: RS$70,00
 Cheap-assVodka: RS$5,00
Making fun of the CFO: Priceless.
There are things the CFO can’t buy, but for everything else, credit card

What I learned from the CFO #6:Ex-girlfriends part 1.

“So, things are getting pretty serious between me and Helen. Man, I Gotta tell you, I NEVER, ever, felt this way with a girl before. She is like this braniac at physics and is a high school teacher at one of best private schools in the city. Besides She is a really nice company, she really understands me and I fell like I complete her and help her with her weakness, because, you know, I have tons of experience both in my love life and in my professional life, I have been through a lot, and I got a felling she will ask me to move in with her real soon…”

2 weeks later “Helen broke up with me, bro. I ALWAYS felt that she wasn’t really honest with me man, there was something off about her and I felt that the day I met her for the first time. You know the way that she organized her socks? By color? I mean, only someone evil would do something like that. Besides, my mother never liked her…”

6-7 months later (usually) “So, things are getting pretty serious between me and Sarah. Man, I Gotta tell you, I NEVER, ever, felt this way with a girl before. She is …”

What I learned from the CFO #5:Dostoievski and Warcraft

“So, last night I was in a pub with some my friends and we started hitting on this group of girls. We invited them to our table and they accepted. My friend was interested in this blode bimbo, that studied fisiotherapy in some cheap-ass university. Then we started to talk about literature. She said her favorite authors are Dan Brown and Paulo Coelho, KKKKKKKKKK, Can you belive this? This moment, my friend Brad Hammy (the guy’s real name is Brad Hamilton) looked at me with his eyes saying “Dude, don’t say anything too smart ass, please, I really think I have a chance with this chick”
She asked me which kind of books I like, I didn’t even blink and said “You know, I have a thing for russians, like Dostoievsky and Leon Tostoi” KKKKKKKKKKK”

“Anyways, last week was my birthday and I gained an Woody Allen DVD collection from a coworker. Why do people think I like this guy? I think he is too pseudo-intellectual for me. I am going to the shopping mall next week and trade it for the new Warcraft boardgame. Have you checked it out? it’s really amazing”

What I learned from the CFO #4:Mr. Yoshimura

1 year ago: “Mr. Yoshimura is one of my best friends, he is a very professional guy, I have a huge respect for him”

Yesterday:”Mr. Yoshimura? I hate that guy, I never liked him, he is just mean and patrimonalist, I have zero respect for him. He was never my friend, just an acquaintance. He is the second person I most hate in the world”

Is it possible to be too honest, or is honesty always the best policy?

Well, that’s an interesting question. The fact is: truth hurts, but discovering something was a lie hurts even more, so the lesson is: Always make sure people don’t discover you lied.
Personally, I like the following quote:

Always tell the truth and you will never have to remember anything

If you are not a good liar, just don’t go that way. But I am missing the point here.

Honesty might be your principle, and it’s a good principle. Nevertheless, you should always keep the eye on the ball. Maybe your focus is not hurting people with desnecessary facts, so liying in this case is ok. I am not in position to judge anyone morals, I rather just be pragmatic. One should think what kind of treatment one would want for himself. I prefer that my friends always tell me the truth, no matter what, instead of sugar coating. You need real facts to take right calls, this is way I always want the truth instead of a pleasant lie. People lie to themselves all of the time, we don’t need more lies.

Why am I here?

I believe I have not been perfect clear in the first post of this blog on why I am here. I started this blog as way to cope with my need for attention (in my opinion, every blogger is in for this, if someone says otherwise they are bullshiting you) and deal with this need for attention OUTSIDE facebook. Facebook is like a bad drug, like crack. It consumes you and gives you nothing good in return. I thought that if I write what I think and feel in a blog, at least I would be sharing my feelings with the right people, people that have at least some interest in me and really want to know my thoughts about any subject, instead of thriving for likes in facebook, “likes” of people I don’t really know and people I don’t really like. At the same time, I really like women, and I think my last posts on my facebook are not helping get me any. This blog is a way of therapy for me, that’s the truth. I am trying to canalize this “Will” of showing myself in a good thing. Trying to take control of my ego, so he doesn’t take control of me. I am an underachiever and not half as good as I think I am. But for now, I will write. Cheaper than using crack anyways.
Regarding the topics I shall write about, shallow things probably, since I am shallow person. I really comedy, so I am trying to describe my life as a sitcom and my thoughts as a stand-up comedy. I also like to write fiction, but it is so hard and takes so much time I do not guarantee I will write regularly, unless I am inspired or can’t sleep. Mostly, I will write about things I really like and find it fascinating and interesting. I also like quotes, so one should expect lots of those. Finally, I am a cynical person and tend to make jokes about myself and about my friends.
As Woody Allen put it, eighty percent of success is showing up. Here I am.