What I learned from the CFO #5:Dostoievski and Warcraft

“So, last night I was in a pub with some my friends and we started hitting on this group of girls. We invited them to our table and they accepted. My friend was interested in this blode bimbo, that studied fisiotherapy in some cheap-ass university. Then we started to talk about literature. She said her favorite authors are Dan Brown and Paulo Coelho, KKKKKKKKKK, Can you belive this? This moment, my friend Brad Hammy (the guy’s real name is Brad Hamilton) looked at me with his eyes saying “Dude, don’t say anything too smart ass, please, I really think I have a chance with this chick”
She asked me which kind of books I like, I didn’t even blink and said “You know, I have a thing for russians, like Dostoievsky and Leon Tostoi” KKKKKKKKKKK”

“Anyways, last week was my birthday and I gained an Woody Allen DVD collection from a coworker. Why do people think I like this guy? I think he is too pseudo-intellectual for me. I am going to the shopping mall next week and trade it for the new Warcraft boardgame. Have you checked it out? it’s really amazing”


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