About this Blog

I started this blog as way to cope with my need for attention (in my opinion, every blogger is in for this, if someone says otherwise they are bullshiting you) and deal with this need for attention OUTSIDE facebook. Facebook is like a bad drug, like crack. It consumes you and gives you nothing good in return. I thought that if I write what I think and feel in a blog, at least I would be sharing my feelings with the right people, people that have at least some interest in me and really want to know my thoughts about any subject, instead of thriving for likes in facebook, “likes” of people I don’t really know and people I don’t really like. At the same time, I really like women, and I think my last posts on my facebook are not helping get me any. This blog is a way of therapy for me, that’s the truth. I am trying to canalize this “Will” of showing myself in a good thing. Trying to take control of my ego, so he doesn’t take control of me. I am an underachiever and not half as good as I think I am. But for now, I will write. Cheaper than using crack anyways.
Regarding the topics I shall write about, shallow things probably, since I am shallow person. I really comedy, so I am trying to describe my life as a sitcom and my thoughts as a stand-up comedy. I also like to write fiction, but it is so hard and takes so much time I do not guarantee I will write regularly, unless I am inspired or can’t sleep. Mostly, I will write about things I really like and find it fascinating and interesting. I also like quotes, so one should expect lots of those. Finally, I am a cynical person and tend to make jokes about myself and about my friends.
As Woody Allen put it, eighty percent of success is showing up. Here I am.


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