What I learned from the CFO #7: Wine

“Hey, Next time we and Vince go out to eat, I’m gonna buy us a really nice bottle of Wine to celebrate my latest promotion in the office. You know I am crazy about French wine, I love beaujolais and I only drink beaujolais when I am at home. The price is really fair considering the quality you get. When I was at my sister’s apartament in Paris it was all drank the whole weekend”
He probably just drank it once when he was in France and his sister bought it. Anyways, when we were in this fancy restaurant Vince was paying for us because he really did get a nice promotion.

At the restaurant, the CFO  was chosing the “really nice bottle” of wine he was gonna buy us…

CFO: I don’t really know what to chose, so many nice options….
Sommelier: We have a fine selection of French wine, sir, I personally recommend our Beaujolais 1992, really nice year.CFO: I dunno, I really prefer carmenère actually and I saw that you have this Concha y Toro 2009…
Vince: Hey, Why don’t you order at least a Spanish one?
Sommelier: We have a wonderful La Rioja Merlot 2001…
CFO: Actually, I was really in a more “beer” mood actually…
Me: Waiter, bring us the Concha y Toro, please, before we end  up drinking some cheap-ass vodka.

Beaujolais 1992: RS$500,00
La Rioja Merlot 2001: RS$200,00
Concha y Toro 2009: RS$70,00
 Cheap-assVodka: RS$5,00
Making fun of the CFO: Priceless.
There are things the CFO can’t buy, but for everything else, credit card


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