Starting This Year like a Douchebag

I was sitting on the metro this morning going to my work, trying not fall asleep. This young woman sits next to time and starts to type something on her iphone. For most of the trip I was just wandering, think about what I have to do in my work. For a brief moment, I looked in the direction of her phone, but I didn’t even saw what she was doing. She immediately fliped her phone, trying to block my view, like she is some kind of CIA hotshot. My instantaneous reaction was to look the other way, embarassed that she thought I was spying her. Then I thought myself “Damn it woman, go fuck yourself. Why the fuck do you think you are so self-important?”. This was the moment I decided to act like a douche. I look at her phone like I really meant it. She looked at my eye to eye, with a face like expecting an apology. I just face her, saying nothing. She turned over to the other side so she could type her message to the CIA Director in Brazil in peace. I won. Fuck you anonymous bitch.
I know how this sounds, but if an asshole like me wouldn’t have those little victories, I would probably be a better men by now. Happy new year folks.

Being a egomaniac ain’t easy. There is no accepting loss for the like of us. I fell like the underground man of Dostoivesky. Read this book folks.


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